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Projects & Community

Migration has inspired my artist work and dancing.

My ability to communicate and engage in Scotland has been through dance. The opportunity to work and connect with local communities has been through this art. Dance has empowered myself and others through my teaching and self-reflection what dance has done for me.

We’re here, We belong & We dance:

Latino Dance Project

Part of Refugee Festival Scotland
Our dance show will platform a minority group that is still not represented in Scotland: Latin Americans (LA). We are here, we make art, and we also make Glasgow.
We as migrants, and part of us are also refugees, hope we can make Scotland our home. We want to share our cultural background, dances, and joy. We dance as a way to communicate and to be integrated.
We want to show our Latin fiesta, where every feeling and emotion is transformed into a rhythm and can be danced, and even the saddest experiences are converted to the most powerful beats that bring joy and hope.

Director: Nancy Jacinto  (Nancy Ahmar)

Photographer: Roque Neto

Refugee Festival
Latin Connections

Latin American Events
Women who have the spirit of representing through dance our community.

I see dance as a way to empower ourselves and as a way to build relationships, but also to communicate, where every feeling and emotion is transformed into a rhythmical move. Like a Latin fiesta where the saddest experiences are converted to the most powerful beats.


An event created by Latin American Connections

Dance community
Strut Kids

 STRUT Kids  by Megahertz

A kid’s version of their outdoor dance procession to the streets of Govanhill.



Photographers: Simon Murphy

Producers: Feral

Part of Glasgow Tramway beyond the walls

By Brian Hartly & Megahertz


A night time outdoor performance and mobile projection parade by Megahertz presented in  Govanhill and Pollokshields.

A show representing personal dances for people  from different backgrounds settled in Glasgow.

Photographers: Brian Hartley, Simon Murphy

Producers: Feral

Part of DIG 21  @glasgowtramway

women in action

Workshops for Women's groups  (MILK Cafe)


As a woman of colour from Latin America, I have experienced and confronted adaptation processes in a new country. Therefore, my workshops are focused on addressing race and gender equality issues by externalizing emotions, representing what is the primary feeling in the present moments, regardless of physical condition, colour, religion, and language.

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